Advanced Case Study

This Advanced Level course ensures that students can provide advice in respect of complex business issues in the form of a written report.

The objective of the Case Study is to assess students’ understanding of complex business issues and the ability to analyse financial and non-financial data, exercise professional and ethical judgement, and develop conclusions and recommendations.

Case Study format

The Case Study scenario may be based on any one of a variety of different organisational structures or operations. Students will be provided with advance information on the organisation and its business environment ahead of the exam. This information will not give specific indication of the eventual requirements of the Case Study. Students will be expected to familiarise themselves with the information provided about the organisation and the industry in which it operates, undertaking some additional analysis and research. Students may take the results of their work into the exam.


The Case Study will not require the detailed computations needed for the Certificate, Professional and Advanced Levels; but students will be required to undertake financial and business analysis. Requirements will be open in that there will be no predetermined correct answers to the Case Study. All areas of the syllabus may be tested over time.

Preparation and approach to the case

The Case Study is designed to reproduce a typical situation in which chartered accountants find themselves. This will involve using information arising from meetings and communicated in memoranda, letters or reports from a variety of business and professional advisors and stakeholders. The situation will generally relate to a business plan or transaction and will require preparation for the submission of a report.

The reality of such situations is that in drafting a report you would:

  • receive some materials in advance;
  • carry out some work beforehand and make use of it in the report;
  • include additional analysis in appendices to the report;
  • develop additional lines of enquiry as you assemble the report; and
  • expect to discuss and advise on relevant matters.

The limited class time available with a tutor, even when supplemented by extensive home study, is insufficient for success in the Case Study. Students must bring work experience into their preparation and development programme.

Success at the Case Study

Success requires an integration of the technical knowledge and skills acquired from all of the ACA modules, namely:

  • the core technical knowledge and skills and practical application acquired at the Certificate and Professional levels;
  • the technical, analytical, evaluative and integration skills from Corporate Reporting and Strategic Business Management; and
  • the advisory, judgemental and communication skills acquired through practical work experience undertaken during the training agreement

Course Information

Each ICAEW Advanced classroom course will comprise a teaching phase, followed by a revision phase culminating in a timed final mock exam that is marked with detailed individual feedback.

All course materials will be provided, including ICAEW mandatory materials and Vale FT course notes.

Classroom Course
  • Teaching : 5 days
  • Revision & Mocks : 5 days
  • Final Mock: invigilated & marked with feedback