Tax Compliance

This Professional Level course will enable students to prepare tax computations for individuals and companies in straightforward scenarios

On completion of this course students will be able to:

  • recognise the ethical issues arising in the course of performing tax work and identify the obligations the UK system of taxation imposes on taxpayers and the implications for taxpayers of non-compliance;
  • calculate the amount of VAT owed by or owed to businesses;
  • calculate the amount of stamp taxes due in straightforward transactions;
  • calculate the capital gains tax payable by individuals and trustees;
  • calculate the amounts of inheritance tax due on lifetime transfers and transfers on death by individuals, personal representatives and trustees;
  • calculate the corporation tax liabilities of companies;
  • calculate the amounts of income tax owed by or owed to individuals and trustees; and
  • calculate the amounts of national insurance payable by individuals, businesses and companies.
  • taxes covered in this module; Capital gains tax, Corporation tax, Income tax, Inheritance tax ,National insurance ,Stamp taxes and VAT

Method of assessment

The Tax Compliance module will be examined as a 2.5 hour computer-based exam.

Course Information

Each ICAEW Advanced classroom course will comprise a teaching phase, followed by a revision phase culminating in a timed final mock exam that is marked with detailed individual feedback.

All course materials will be provided, including ICAEW mandatory materials and Vale FT course notes.

Classroom Course
  • Teaching : 6 days
  • Revision & Mocks : 5 days
  • Final Mock: invigilated & marked with feedback