Financial Management

This Professional Level course will enable students to recommend relevant options for financing a business, recognise and manage financial risks and make appropriate investment decisions.

On completion of this course students will be able to:

  • identify capital requirements of businesses, assess financing options and recommend relevant methods of financing;
  • identify the financial risks facing a business and the principal methods of managing those risks; and
  • apply appropriate investment appraisal techniques taking into account other factors affecting investment decisions.

Method of assessment

The Financial Management module is assessed by a 2.5 hour computer-based exam. The exam consists of three questions. Managing financial risk will be assessed as a discrete topic.
The other two questions will assess financing options and investment decisions and valuation either as discrete or integrated topics.
Ethics may be tested in any of the questions.

Course Information

Each ICAEW Advanced classroom course will comprise a teaching phase, followed by a revision phase culminating in a timed final mock exam that is marked with detailed individual feedback.

All course materials will be provided, including ICAEW mandatory materials and Vale FT course notes.

Classroom Course
  • Teaching : 5 days
  • Revision & Mocks : 5 days
  • Final Mock: invigilated & marked with feedback