Business Planning Tax

The Professional Level Business Planning modules provide students with the opportunity to gain subject and sector specific knowledge while studying for the ACA.

Students will sit one of the Business Planning modules. There are three to choose from – Business Planning: Taxation, Business Planning: Banking and Business Planning: Insurance.

We offer courses for the Tax module.

On completion of this course students will be able to:

To enable students to apply technical knowledge and professional skills to identify and resolve taxation issues that arise in the context of preparing tax computations and to advise on tax-efficient strategies for businesses and individuals. Students will be required to use technical knowledge and professional judgement to identify, explain and evaluate alternative tax treatments and to determine the appropriate solutions to taxation issues, giving due consideration to the needs of clients and the interaction between taxes. The commercial context and impact of recommendations will need to be considered in making such judgements, as will ethical and legal issues.

Prior knowledge

There are no regulations stipulating the order in which students must attempt this module. However, students are strongly advised to complete both the Principles of Taxation module and the Tax Compliance module before attempting this module, as the ability to prepare tax computations is required to be successful at this module. Although technical topics by necessity flow through the three taxation papers, a technical topic will not be retested in this module in a comprehensive computational question if it has already been tested in detail in either of the other two taxation papers.

Method of assessment

The Business Planning: Taxation module will be assessed as a 2.5 hours computer-based exam.  This exam will contain questions requiring the use of communication, judgement and evaluation skills as well as an ability to understand the interaction of different taxes. The exam will consist of three questions. One question will be an integrated scenario of approximately 40 marks which will cover a range of taxes as well as including tax planning. Ethics and law may be tested in any of the three questions. The exam will be open book and will permit students to take any written or printed material into the exam, subject to practical space restrictions.

Course Information

Each ICAEW Advanced classroom course will comprise a teaching phase, followed by a revision phase culminating in a timed final mock exam that is marked with detailed individual feedback.

All course materials will be provided, including ICAEW mandatory materials and Vale FT course notes.

Classroom Course
  • Teaching : 6 days
  • Revision & Mocks : 5 days
  • Final Mock: invigilated & marked with feedback