About the ICAEW Qualification

The ACA qualification is recognised and respected around the world. There are ICAEW Chartered Accountants in all sectors and industries – from multi-nationals and global accountancy firms, to local charities and business start-ups. Career opportunities are endless whether you aspire to be a business analyst, practice partner, finance director or CEO.

The ACA qualification is made up of four elements which will provide you with a combination of finance knowledge, accountancy skills and business experience. They are:

  1. 450 days of practical work experience – offering invaluable insights into the realities of a career in chartered accountancy.
  2. 15 exam modules – covering a broad range of topics including: financial management, law, assurance and business strategy.
  3. Professional development – preparing you to successfully handle different situations that you will encounter throughout your career.
  4. Ethics and professional scepticism – providing you with the skills to work under close scrutiny and be confident you are making the right decisions.

There are three levels to complete, along with relevant practical experience with an Approved Employer, to become qualified.

Certificate Level

This comprises six computer-based assessment exams. Subject matter covers financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, law and assurance.

Professional Level

This comprises six exams covering more advanced management and financial accounting/reporting, assurance, business strategy and tax. Each module has a 2.5–3 hour exam, which is available to sit four times per year.

These exams have now all transitioned from paper exams to computer-based. Students will input their scripts electronically within dedicated ICAEW software, whilst student scripts remain manually marked.

Advanced Level

The Advanced Level consists of three papers which are available to sit twice a year in July and November. One of the final level exams is a combined Case Study.

All the exams integrate and advance earlier learning and test the ability to combine different disciplines together to solve business problems and to add value.


Course Information

Classroom based courses will be offered as a combination of weekday and weekend. All course materials will be provided, including ICAEW mandatory materials and Vale FT course notes.

Each ICAEW classroom course will comprise a teaching phase, followed by a revision phase culminating in a timed mock exam that is marked with detailed individual feedback.

We will provide a recommended study route for students. Our study programme will be made up of cohorts and most students will remain within the same group throughout their studies.

We aim for the cohort to achieve at each of the levels:

  • Certificate Level - 2 exams per sitting
  • Professional Level - 2 exams per sitting
  • Advanced Level - 2 exams in July with Case Study in November

This study programme is only a suggested route and students who have exemptions or require different study routes can contact us to discuss an alternative study path.